London Trip – Sept, 2015

Stonehenge at Sunset, August 31, 2015

This view of Stonehenge is from the Heel Stone. Not the best sunset but were lucky we had one at all given that it rained all day. It is somewhat mind boggling that these massive stones were placed on the Salisbury Plain 4000+ years ago – Img 51009a

Stonehenge, August 31, 2015

Randy in the Stonehenge circle taking photos – Tom’s iPhone – Img 3973a Tbw



Stonehenge, August 31, 2015

This is the view of Stonehenge as you approach from the visitor center. Normally, this is as close as most are allowed, but we had permission to enter into the area with the stones – Img 50856



Chillon Castle, August 29, 2015

Chillon Castle is on Lake Geneva. The castle was used from 12th century (Duke of Savoy) until 18 hundreds. It was built on a small rocky island close to the shore that provided natural protection – Img 50667 Chillon



Oxford, August 31, 2015

Visited Oxford as a part of our Stonehenge tour. The reason everything is so green is that it seems it rains all the time including while we were there – Img 50756 Oxford



Church Christ at Oxford, August 31, 2015

This dining area in Church Christ at Oxford was said to be the inspiration for the dining hall in the Harry Potter films – Img 50797 Christchurchoxford



View of London, Sept 1, 2015

A view of the skyline of London from the London Eye Ferris wheel – Img 51326 Londoneye



London Phone Booth, Sept 1, 2015

I was going to take a photo of the red phone booth when these two kids ran up to pose for their parents. Looked cute! – Img 51127


Tom in London, Sept 1, 2015

One day we took a city bus to get around the sights of London and to see the town. The weather forecast said no rain and Tom believed it – Good thing the tour bus had free ponchos. I had my rain jacket. Tom brought his the next day – Img 51115



Tower Bridge, Sept 1, 2015

Often mistakenly called London Bridge, this is the Tower Bridge (the London Bridge is in Arizona) Img 51262 Towerbridge



Parliament at Sunset, Sept 1, 2015

Img 51355 Parliament



Buckingham Palace, Sept 2, 2015

The Guard leaving Buckingham Palace – Img 51414 Buckingham



Abbey Road, Sept 2, 2015

Randy making the crossing of Abbey Road (like on the Beatles album cover) – Img 51483 3abbeyrd



Globe Theater, Sept 2, 2015

We saw the Shakespeare play As You Like It in the recreation of the original Globe TheaterThey did a great job of it. The cheap seats were the open area with no roof in front of the stage. It rained – sure glad we did not have the cheap seats! – Img 51504 Globetheater

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  1. you are having too great a life, Mr Dickey!!! (“Abbey Road” Photo)

  2. Would love to see this! Great photo.

  3. Did the energy feel different closer to the stones? (Stonehenge Photo)

  4. This is gorgeous!

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