San Juan Islands & Washington Coast – Aug, 2016

Randy and Karin on Mt Constitution – Aug 25, 2016

Our lunch spot near the summit of Mount Constitution. You can see Mt. Baker on the horizion on the righthand side. Img 60643 Mtconstitution



Karin and Randy on Orcas Island, Aug 22, 2016

Karin and Randy having wine at our rented condo on Orcas Island overlooking East Sound. We stayed here 4 nights while exploring and hiking on Orcas Island off the coast of Washington – Img 60367a Orcasisland



Eastsound, Orcas Island, August 23, 2016

View of East Sound – Img 60384 Eastsound Orcas


Rustic Falls , Moran State Park, Aug 23, 2016

We hiked to the four waterfalls on Cascade Creek in Moran State Park on Orcas Island. We were happy that there was water flowing given that Orcas Island had not had rain in 2 months – Img 60422 Rusticfalls Moran


View from Turtlehead Summit, Orcas Island, Aug 24, 2016

Hiked up Turtleback mountain to Turtlehead Summit for a great views of the other San Juan Islands and also Vancouver Island in the distance – Img 60520 TurtleHead Orcas



Ship Peak, Orcas Island – Aug 24, 2016

Also hiked up Ship Peak in the Turtleback mountain area for views of the West Sound of Orcas Island and the Olympic mountain range in the distance in the right hand corner – Img 60543 Shippeak Orcas


Ship Peak Lunch Spot – Aug 24, 2016

A couple of hikers at a great lunch spot on the Ships Peak loop trail – Img 60564 Shippeak Orcas



Sunset on San Juan Island, Aug 26, 2016

We were treated to this sunset our first night on San Jaun Island – Img 60695 Sanjuan


Dead Man’s Cove, San Juan Island – Aug 27, 2016

This beach attached to Lime Kiln State Park was very close to our rental property. We collected some of the interesting rocks from this pebble/rock beach after hiking trails in the park – Img 60767 Deadmansbeach Sanjuan



Pelindaba Lavender Farm, Aug 27, 2016

Off season and struggling due to the drought, the lavender farm on San Juan Island was still interesting. Large sculptures were scattered in the fields  – Img 60829 Pelindabalavenderfarm


Mt Finlayson trail, American Camp – Aug 28

We hiked the Mt Finlayson trail in the American camp on San Juan Island. Not really a mountain but more a short hill. The forested area and beach portion of the trail were the most interesting – Img 60894 Mtfinlaysontrl Amercamp



Pacific Madrone, Aug 28, 2016

The Pacific Madrone trees (Arbutus menziesii) peel the bark as they grow, exposing the red-pink-yellow layers – Img 60907 Pacificmadrone



Purple Haze Lavender Farm

We visited the Purple Haze Lavender farm on our way toward Port Angeles on the Washington mainland – Img 61036 Purplehaze



Sol Duc Falls, Olympic National Park – Aug 30, 2016

On our way to the Pacific coast, we stopped off and hiked the short trail in Olympic to Sol Duc (Sole Duck) waterfalls. We needed to ”kill” some time before we arrived on the coast to hit the low tides. It was a nice hike and the water falls are interesting – Img 61112 Solducfalls Olympic



Rialto Beach, Olympic Nat Park – Aug 30, 2016

Found this ”heart” shaped Green Sea Anemone in the tidal pools on Rialto Beach. The other green Sea Anemone on the left is gripping a shellfish. I tried to gently pry it loose for the photo but the anemone had quite a grip – Img 61154 Rialtobeach


Rialto Beach Hole in the Wall, Aug 30, 2016

A hiker passing through the Hole in the Wall on Rialto Beach. You have to time your passage with the low tide, otherwise this hole is half filled with water. There is a steep trail around this rock formation in case you mess up. Img 61192 Rialtobeach


Randy on Rialto Beach, Aug 30, 2016

Wonder what this rock has been through to have this shape? Img 61222 Rialtobeach


Trail to 2nd Beach, Olympic Nat Park, Aug 31, 2016

After a bit of rain, the forest looks lush on the trail out to second beach on Olympic Nat Park near La Push – Img 61230 2ndbeach



2nd Beach, Olympic Nat Park – Aug 31

Karin walking down Second Beach looking for shells – Img 61301 2ndbeach


Museum of Flight, Sept 2, 2016

I spent 6 hours touring the Museum of Flight and talking to the docents and still did not see it all – Img 61403 Museum of Flight


My First Space Flight – Sep 2, 2016

Not really!! The Museum of Flight has the shuttle trainer. This shot is from the cargo bay looking up at the ceiling. I doubt the real shuttle had an exit sign at the end of the cargo bay… Img 61416 Museum of Flight

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