Machu Picchu – Sept, 2013

Machu Picchu, Sept 20, 2013

Machu Picchu as seen from the quarry. Peru – Img 36959


Cusco Market, Sept 12, 2013

Karen and Tom doing some shopping in a Cusco Market – Peru – Img 36041


Weaver – Inka Museum, Cusco, Sept 13, 2013

Peru – Img 36104


Musicians above Cusco, Sept 13, 2013

Traditional music with Cusco below – Peru – Img 36148



Sacsayhuaman, Cusco Sept 13, 2013

Randy in front of a 6+ ton stone in the Sacsayhuaman site above Cusco, Peru. No one knows for sure the purpose of the site. – Img 36181



Sacsayhuaman Doorway – Sept 13, 2013

Peru – Img 36186a


Beginning of our Hike, Sept 14, 2013

Our two guides provide instruction before our first hike to the Salkantay Lodge. Dalmiro is speaking to the group and Danny in the blue shirt is looking at me, wondering if I am paying attention. Mt Humantay can be seen in the clouds. Peru – Img 36260



Mt. Salkantay, Sept 14, 2013

First peek at Mt Salkantay as we hike up the valley. Peru – Img 36298


Salkantay Lodge, Sept 14, 2013

We stayed here 2 nights at 12,690ft. Peru – Img 36324



View out our lodge room – Peru Img 36372


Laguna de Humantay, Sept 15, 2013

Day hike up to Lake Humantay to help us acclimate to the altitude. Peru – Img 36359


Shaman Victor, Sept 15, 2013

Victor performed a blessing for our journey – Peru – Img 36356


Hike to Salkantay Pass, Sept 16, 2013

Tom reaching the first of three pampas (plateau) above the lodge (seen left of center in the valley below) Peru – Img 36403


Salkantay Pass – 15, 213ft – Sept 16, 2013

The group all makes it to the Salkantay Pass after an elevation rise of 2,523ft. From left to right: Mark, Michele, Shanna, Mary, Karen, Marcia, Betty, Bill, Glenda, Bob, Randy, Tom. Peru – Img 36448a


Wayra Lodge, Sept 16, 2013

Dropped from the pass to 12,812ft to the Wayra Lodge – Peru – Img 36463


Mt Humantay, Sept 17, 2013

Mt Humantay from near the Wayra Lodge. Peru – Img 36507


Colpa Lodge, Sept 17, 2013

This is the hot tub we soaked in after losing a volleyball match against the locals. Cost us a 6 pack of beer! Peru – Img 36580


Cloud Forest, Sept 18, 2013

You can see the Colpa Lodge on the plateau as we leave to hike down the valley. Peru – Img 36592


Orchid, Sept 18, 2013

Peru – Img 36730


Salkantay River Trail, Sept 18, 2013

Bird of Paradise was one of the many flowers along the trail. Peru – Img 36677


Inka Trail to Llactapata, Sept 19, 2013

Hiking a shelf trail In the cloud forest heading for the LLactapata site to see Machu Picchu for the first time. Was so happy it did not rain! Peru – Img 36784


Machu Picchu from Llactapata

The “light colored” area in the saddle between the mountains is Machu Picchu as seen from across the valley at Llactapata. We will be there the next day. Peru – Img 36856


Randy and Tom at Machu Picchu, Sept 20, 2013

Peru – Img 36887


Machu Picchu, Sept 20, 2013

Group photo near the Inka Bridge looking back at Machu Picchu. from left to right: Shanna, Betty, Michele, Mary, Mark, Karen, Glenda, Tom, Bill, Marcia, Bob, Randy – Peru – Img 36936


Window to Huanyna Picchu, Sept 20, 2013

Peru – Img 36973


Machu Picchu, Peru, Sept 20, 2013

Peru – Img 36911


Machu Picchu Royal Tomb, Sept 20, 2013

This structure is called the royal tomb but the original purpose is not clear. The fit of the stone is so precise and the use of curved surface less common. Peru – Img 37048


Machu Picchu, Sept 20, 2013

Incredible stone work everywhere! Peru – Img 37067


Machu Picchu, Sept 20, 2013

Peru – Img 37091


Machu Picchu Central Plaza, Sept 20, 2013

Peru – Img 37089


Ready to Hike Huayna Picchu, Sept 21, 2013

Huayna Picchu rises 1180 ft above Machu Picchu to a height of 8,920ft. Steep but short trail. Peru – Img 37163


Machu Picchu from top of Huayna Picchu, Sept 21, 2013

We hiked up Huayna Picchu (8,920ft or 1180ft above Machu Picchu). The switchbacks on the left is the bus road from Aguas Calientes. The trail going up the left is the trail from the Sun Gate. Peru – Img 37115


Temple of the Moon, Sept 2013

The Temple of the Moon in the Pachacamac complex near Lima was thought to be for women supporting the religious ceremonies. Peru – Img 37188


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  1. Looks like you captured the essence of the place, but hard to capture the immensity without experiencing it personally. Good work.

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