Crater Lake Nat Park and Oregon Coast – Sept, 2014

Wizard Island in Crater Lake – Aug 31, 2014

Crater Lake was created from the eruption of a volcano on Mount Mazama over 7,000 years ago where the top of the mountain collapsed back into the volcano. The lake is the deepest (1,949ft) and purest in the USA and is this amazing blue color. Wizard Island is a cinder cone from eruptions after the collapse. Img 42444



Salt Creek Falls, OR – Aug 31, 2014

Oregon’s second highest water fall is Salt Creek Falls (286 ft) in the Diamond Peak Wilderness on the way to Crater Lake – Img 42357



Karin at Crater Lake, Aug 31, 2014

Img 42456


Cleetwood Cove, Crater Lake, Sep 1, 2014

We hiked down the Cleetwood Cove trail to the shore of Crater Lake, the only trail to the shore. You can see the tour boats that can take you around the lake – Img 42482


Cleetwood Cove, Crater Lake, Sep 1, 2014

The water was very cold but there were a couple of crazy people taking very short dips. Img 42529


Karin Crossing Annie Creek, Crater Lake – Sep 1, 2014

Annie Creek is from seepage out of Crater Lake. We saw 6 deer along the trail as this is a major source of water for local wildlife. img 42724


Pinnacles, Crater Lake, Sep 1, 2014

The Pinnacles are made of cinder ash that was fused as the hot gasses flowed up and out. Erosion removed the loose ash leaving the formations exposed. – Img 42650 Pinnacles


Phantom Ship, Crater Lake – Sep 1, 2014

The Phantom Ship is one of the few formations above the surface of the lake – Img 42672


Wizard Island – Crater Lake, Sep 2, 2014

Img 42780


Toketee Falls, Sep 3, 2014

Toketee Falls is a 150ft waterfall on the Umpqua river we hiked out to on our way to the coast. Img 42843


Karin at the winery, Sep 3, 2014

Stopped at Henry Estate winery near Roseburg OR and had some lunch (and wine) – Img 42939


Ocean Beyond Tahkenitch Dunes, OR – Sep 9, 2014

The Pacific ocean is about a mile away beyond the Tahkenitch Dunes – Img 42989


Randy on top of a Tahkenitch Dune, Sept 9, 2014

That ”speck” on top of the dune at the horizon is Randy. These are massive sand dunes of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area on the Tahkenitch Dunes trail – Img 42986 Tahkenitch


Thor’s Well, Cape Perpetua OR – Sep 5, 2014

This 15 foot diameter hole in the rock is connected underground to the ocean and every time a wave comes in the water erupts up and then flows back into the hole. Fascinating to watch! – Img 43347 3312 Thorswell


Cape Cove Beach, Sep 5, 2014

Img 43404 Capecovebeach


Cape Perpetua, OR – Sep 5, 2014

View of the Oregon coast from Cape Perpetua. Very lucky that it was a clear day! – Img 43410


Yachats, OR – Sep 5, 2014

View of the town of Yachats, OR from Cape Perpetua. Yachats was a fun little town to stay. Img 43447


Heceta Head Lighthouse, Sep 5, 2014

The lighthouse at Heceta Head is reported to be the most photographed lighthouse in the USA – Img 43455


Ochre Starfish, Sep 6, 2014

Found this Ochre Starfish in the tide pools at low tide. Did not find many and later read that there is a unknown disease that has been killing off starfish along the Oregon coast – Img 43478


Karin in the Spa at Overleaf Lodge, Sep 5, 2014

We stayed at the Overleaf Lodge on the shoreline in Yachats. Img 43465 Overleaf


Randy & Karin – Portland Japanese Gardens – Sep 7, 2014

Found someone to take our photo at the Portland Japanese Gardens. These are really nice gardens – Img 43575 Portland Japanese


Portland Japanese Gardens, Sep 7, 2014

Img 43622


Wedding Photos, Portland OR – Sep 7, 2014

Caught these wedding party girls waiting around for the photos in the Portland Rose Garden. See the next photo for how well they pose when asked to. – Img 43643 & Img 43644


La Su Chinese Gardens, Sep 8, 2014

La Su Chinese gardens in Portland – Img 43672

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  1. What a beautiful photo of you and Karin. I was just today at the Japanese Gardens in Ft. Worth – after seeing your photos it has been on my list – and I enjoyed them so much. The Japanese in Portland were also very beautiful. Wouldn’t they make a nice yard. Enjoying your trip vicariously as always. (“Randy & Karin – Portland Japanese Gardens – Sep 7, 2014” photo)

    • Glad you enjoyed the Fort Worth gardens. You need to go see the Japanese Gardens in Portland – they are my favorite (outside of Japan). (“Randy & Karin – Portland Japanese Gardens – Sep 7, 2014” photo)

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