Death Valley – March, 2016

Badwater, Death Valley, March 11, 2016

We walked out on the salt flats from Badwater. The small ”specs” on the horizon are other hikers in the distance. The patern in the salt is supposedly from the cracks in the drying mud before the salt was deposited onto the mud. Death Valley – Img 55466 Deathvalley



Desert Superbloom – Death Valley, March 11, 2016

Desert Gold (Geraea Canescens) blooming off Badwater road in Death Valley -Img 55371 Desertgold Deathvalley



Notch Leaf Phacelia – Death Valley, March 11, 2016

We found 2 types of Phacelia in Death Valley. These were the Notch Leaf (Phacelia cernulata) – Img 55414 Notchleafphacelia Deathvalley



Beatty Cutoff – Death Valley, March 12, 2016

We found many flowers ”hidden” along the desert floor that you could not see from the road – Death Valley – Img 55685 Beattycutoff Deathvalley



Desert Five Spot – Death Valley, Mar 11, 2016

We found these Desert Spot flowers (Eremalche rotundifolia) in numerous places. The flowers close up at night and do not fully open until mid-morning – Death Valley -Img 56147 Desertfivespot Deathvalley 5322



Mesquite Flats Sand Dunes – Death Valley, March 12, 2016

No flowers out here. Had fun walking around on the dunes before the crowds – the high winds the day before had erased all the footprints and reshaped the dunes – Death Valley – Img 55706 Mesquiteflatsanddunes Deathvalley



Karin and Mesquite Flats – Death Valley, Mar 12, 2016

Karin enjoying some quite time on top of a sand dune. Death Valley – Img 55751 Mesquiteflatsanddunes Deathvalley



Mosaic Canyon, Death Valley, Mar 12, 2016

We hiked into Mosaic Canyon and had lunch near the end of the canyon. The canyon gets its name from the polished jumble of rock on the walls near the entance that looks like a mosaic floor.  – Death Valley – Img 55817 Mosaiccanyon Deathvalley



Mosaic Canyon – Death Valley, Mar 12, 2016

Finally found someone to take our photo – Death Valley -Img 55829 Mosaiccanyon Deathvalley



Death Valley from Dante’s View, Mar 13, 2016

We took a 13 mile drive up to Dante’s Point to get a view of Death Valley. You can see the salt flats below where we were 2 days before. – Img 55956 Dantesview Deathvalley



Twenty Mule Team Canyon – Death Valley, Mar 13, 2016

We decided to check this short drive out on a whim. Had a great time pulling over and wandering around in the small canyons and on top of the bluffs. Death Valley -Img 56037a 20muleteamcanyon



Artist’s Palette – Death Valley, Mar 13, 2016

Photo of the Artist’s Palette formations from the Artist road – Death Valley – Img 56197 Artistpalette Deathvalley



Artist’s Palette – Death Valley, March 11, 2016

We wandered around the colorful clay/rock deposits at the Artist’s Palette. The colors come from salts of aluminum, magnesium, and iron – no copper (which you might expect the green to be from, but it is not) – Death Valley -Img 55614 Artistspalette Deathvalley



Death Valley, Mar 13, 2016

Death Valley – Img 56246 Deathvalley



Zabriski Point – Death Valley, Mar 14, 2016

A view from the Badlands loop trail not far from Zabriski Point in Death Valley – Img 56274 Zabriskipt Deathvalley


Zabriski Point – Death Valley, Mar 14, 2016

Death Valley – Img 56430


Desert Gold Flower Superbloom, Mar 14, 2016

Some more Desert Gold flowers outside of Death Valley on the Stateline road back to Pahrump NV – Img 56467 Desertgold Statelinerd

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  1. That is very very quiet! (Badwater, Death Valley photo)

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