Kings Canyon and Sequoia, National Parks and South CA State Parks – June, 2016

Kings Canyon Sunset – June 2, 2016

The sunset photo was taken from Montecito Sequoia Lodge – Img 58567 Monteceto Sequoia



Razor Point – Torrey Pines – May 26, 2016ca

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve is a small park along the CA coast north of San Diego. The short trails have great views, lots of wildflowers, and sculpted ocean bluffs – Img 57592 Razorpt Torreypinesca



Torrey Pines – Broaken Hill – May 26, 2016

The lone pine in the center is a Torrey pine tree (Pinus torretana), reported to be the rarest pine tree in the USA. The tough pine only grows in Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve and on Santa Rosa Island off the coast near Santa Barbara. This tree has adapted to the low rainfall by having groves in the pine needles that capture the ocean mist into droplets that fall to the ground and roots below. Torrey Pines is a small park along the CA coast north of San Diego. The short trails have great views, lots of wildflowers and sculpted ocean bluffs – Img 57668 Torreypinesca




Elfin Forest – Escondido Creek – May 27, 2016

The Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve is East of Carsbad, CA and has a network of trails over the hills and along Escondido Creek on one side and the man made Olivenhain Dam and Reservoir the other side. The small scrub-like trees on the hills look like they are ”for the elves” – Img 57786 Elfinforest



View from Palomar Mountain – May 28, 2016

Palomar Mountain State Park is about 1 hour east of Carlsbad, CA. Most of the trails are above 5400ft elevation so you get above the low clouds from the coast. Img 57819 Palomarmnt



French Valley – Palomar Mtn. – May 28, 2016

The French Valley is actually in Doane Valley Natural Preserve that is just north of Palomar Mtn. Img 57836 Frenchvalley Palomarmnt



Engelmann Oaks – Daley Ranch – May 29, 2016

The Daley Ranch is near Escondido CA and was a working ranch before becoming a public space for hiking and biking. Img 57924 Daleyranch



Zumwalt Meadow – Kings Canyon National Park – May 30, 2016

At the end of Hwy 180 in Kings Canyon, is Zumwalt Meadow, a short trail around the meadow with the mountains in the background. – Img 57981 Zumwaltmeadow



Kings Canyon National Park – May 30, 2016

The south Fork of the Kings river near Zumwalts Meadow – Img 57991 Kingscanyon



Grizzly Falls – Sequoia National Forest – May 30, 2016

Grizzly Falls is along Hwy 180 going into Kings Canyon but is actually in Sequoia National Forest. The falls are 75ft high – Img 58007 Grizzlyfalls Kingscanyon



Mustang Clover – May 31, 2016

Found this small, low growing, bright pink flower on the Hart Loop trail in Kings Canyon and later identified it as Mustang Clover (Linanthus montanus) – Img 58109 Mustangclover Hartloop Redwoodcanyon



Snow Plant, May 31, 2016

Found many snow plants (Sarcodes sanguinea) popping out of the ground in a section of the Hart tree loop in Redwood Canyon of Kings Canyon Nat Park. Snow plants do not have chlorophyll and feed on fungus in the soil – Img 58133 Snowplant Hartloop Redwoodcanyon



Torrey’s Blue-eyed Mary – May 31, 2016

Another new flower we found on the Harts Tree Loop trail was the Torrey’s Blue-eyed Mary (Collinsia torreyi), a small, low growing flower – Img 58141 Torreysblue Eyedmary Redwoodcanyon



Randy and Karin on the Hart Loop Trail – May 31, 2016

We took a break in front of some Mountain Pride Penstemon on the only lookout on the Hart Tree loop trail –  Img 58178 Hartloop Sequoia




Randy at the Hart Loop Tree Tunnel – May 31, 2016

The Hart loop trail passes through a fallen hollow sequoia tree – Img 58192 Hartloop Redwoodcanyon



Karin and the Hart Sequoia Tree – May 31, 2016

The Hart tree (named after Michael Hart who ”found it” around 1880) is listed as the 24th largest tree in the world. The base is over 21 feet in diameter. Makes you feel small…Img 58198 Harttree Sequoia



View of Kings Canyon Mountain Range – May 31, 2016

This view of the Kings Canyon Mountain range is from the Montecito – Sequoia Lodge – Img 58233 Montecito Sequoia



Montecito Lake – Sequoia Forest – May 31, 2016

A deer coming down to the lake late in the evening – Img 58262 Montecitolake Sequoia



Montecito Lake Sunset – Sequoia – May 31, 3016

Img 58268 Montecito Sequoia



Crescent Meadow – Sequoia Nat Park – June 1, 2016

Hiked around the Crescent Meadow in Sequoia and was rewarded with sightings of both deer and a black bear with 2 cubs (not close enough for the camera lens that I had…) Img 58369 Crescentmeadow



Randy on top of Mist Falls – Kings Canyon, June 2, 2016

Nice hike up Paradise Valley of Kings Canyon to Mist Falls (8.1 miles round trip). It was a bit warm and we saw 3 snakes in the trail, including a pacific rattlesnake that did not want to leave the center of the trail. After a few minutes, managed to finally convince it to move. Lots of water flowing over the falls and down Woods creek – Img 58489 Mistfalls Kingscanyon



Montecito Lake Sunset – June 2, 2016

Img 58587 Montecito Sequoia

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