Lake Tahoe – Jul-Aug, 2015

Whale Beach, Aug 1, 2015

The low water level in Lake Tahoe exposes more rocks and beach – Lake Tahoe – Img 48644

Sail boat anchored in Secret Cove of Lake Tahoe – Img 48674

Randy & Karin on Creek Beach, Aug 1, 2015

Lake Tahoe – Img 48579

Lupine on Tahoe Rim Trail near Relay Peak, July 29, 2015

These flowers were on the ridge about 5 miles into my 20.2 mile hike from Mt Rose trailhead to Brockway on the Tahoe Rim Trail – Img 48511

Lake Tahoe from TRT, July 29, 2015

Views of Lake Tahoe from the Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT) at about 9 miles of the 20.2 mile trail -Img 48525

Lake Tahoe from the Rim Trail, July 29, 2015

First views of Lake Tahoe from the Tahoe Rim Trail (Mt Rose to Brockway) – about 8 miles into the 20.2 mile trail – Img 48519

Incline Village from TRT, July 29, 2015

Views of Incline Village along the shore of Lake Tahoe from the Tahoe rim Trail – Img 48542

Randy, Karin, and Carol – Emerald Bay, July 26, 2015

Emerald Bay in the background on the Eagle lake trail. This was on our way down to Vikingsholm for a tour of the late 1920’s home on Lake Tahoe Img 48399

Eagle Lake, July 26, 2015

Lake Tahoe – Img 48365

Eagle Lake, July 26, 2015

When we got to Eagle Lake, three girls and a boy were on an island in the lake. As they made their way back to shore, swimming across the frigid water, they stopped on a submerged rock – it gave the appearance of standing on the surface of the water. Lake Tahoe – Img 48380

Karin in Winnemucca meadow, Carson Pass, July 15, 2015

Karin sitting in a patch of Many Leaf Lupines in the meadow near Winnemucca Lake south of Lake Tahoe. The white flowers in the background are Cow Parsnip – Img 47777

Rock Fringe, July 15, 2015

found these Rock Fringe (Epilobium abcordatum) in many of the drainage areas at greater than 9,000ft in the Carson Pass area south of Tahoe – Img 47865

Round Top Lake, July 15, 2015

Round Top Lake is in the Carson Pass area – Tahoe -Img 47867

Trail near Round Top Lake, July 15, 2015

Lupine and Buckwheat along the trail to Round Top Lake – Img 47916

Many Leaf Lupine on TRT, July 17, 2015

Many Leaf Lupine (Lupinus polyphylius) and Brewer’s Angelina (Angelica breweri) on the Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT) between Ophir Creek and Tunnel Creek Road – Tahoe – Img 47994

TRT Train Maintenance, July 18, 2015

Randy doing trail maintenance on the Tahoe Rim Trail (Mt Rose to Brockway) at ~9,700 feet. Crystal Bay of Lake Tahoe in the background – Img 48030

Large  Flowered Collomia, July 20, 2015

Found this Large Flowered Collomia (Collomia grandiflora) on the Tahoe Rim Trail near Ward Creek – Lake Tahoe -Img 48174

Slender Penstemon & Buckwheat, July 17, 2015

Slender Penstemon (Penstemon gracilentis) & Buckwheat on the Tahoe Rim Trail between Ophir Creek tail and Tunnel Creek road Tahoe – Img 47978

Randy at Galena Falls, July 22, 2015

Randy among the Many Leaf Lupines down stream of Galena Falls – Tahoe Img 48225-

Karin above Galenia Falls, July 22, 2015

Tahoe – Img 48273

Dwarf Monkey Flower – July 22, 2015

Karin’s finger next to a tiny Dwarf Monkey Flower (Mimulus nanus) on the Tahoe Rim Trail near the Mt Rose trailhead – Tahoe – Img 48290

Karin & Randy at Lake Tahoe – Jul 13, 2015

Lake Tahoe at Chimney Beach on the east side of the lake – Img 47638

Secret Harbor – Tahoe – Jul 13, 2015

Secret Harbor on the east side of Lake Tahoe. Looks like the water is warm but the water temperature is mid 60’s F – Img 47671

Karin in Paige Meadows – July 11, 2015

Visited Paige Meadow on the Tahoe Rim Trail. Most of the white flowers were Parish Yampah but also saw Paint Brushes, Asters, Jacob’s Ladder, CA Corn Lilly, Anderson’s Thistle, and Coyote Mint – Img 47618 Tahoe

Lake Tahoe – Rubicon Trail – July 10, 2015

Lake Tahoe from the Rubicon trail on the west shore. It was cool, cloudy with some rain. This trail follows the east shore of Lake Tahoe from Bliss St Park to Vikingsholm – Img 47510

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  1. Beautiful photos. On our way back on Rubicon Trail the sun partially came out and the lake colors were amazing. Have you and Karin ever been to Sugar Pine Point State Park? We stopped there the next day and the water color was turquoise. We were there once in the winter and the pier was covered in icicles, and the water was much higher than this time. You can also find the huge Sugar Pine pinecones! I think they are the largest cone. I brought home three, that’s all I could find. I don’t think they fall every year like others. Anyway, thanks again. Love your photos. (Lake Tahoe Rubicon Trail” photo)

  2. Lovely couple with beautiful view. (Karin & Randy at Lake Tahoe” photo)

  3. Such a beautiful couple scenery’s not bad either! (“Karin & Randy at Lake Tahoe” photo)

  4. Such a cute couple! (“Karin & Randy at Lake Tahoe” photo)

  5. Beautiful photo. (“Eagle Lake” photo)

  6. So sweet made me tear up. (“Randy & Karin an Creek Beach” photo)

  7. you guys are blessed!! (“Randy & Karin on Creek Beach” photo)

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